Appendix: God’s Premial Justice in the Psalms

“Jehovah shall become an Impregnable Retreat for the crushed.

“An Impregnable Retreat for seasons of distress.

“So those knowing Your Name shall trust in You,

For You do not forsake those seeking after You, O Jehovah.”

“For the One seeking after bloodshed, He remembers them;

“He does not forget the cry of the humbled ones.

“Be gracious to me, O Jehovah;

“See the humiliation from those hating me;

“You are raising me up from the gateways of death.”

—Psalm 9:9-10, 12-13


“I poise Jehovah in front of me continually;

“Because He is at my right hand, I shall not slip at all.

“Wherefore, my heart rejoices, and my glory shall exult;

“Indeed, my flesh, it shall tabernacle in serenity.

“For You shall not forsake my soul in the unseen;

“You shall not allow Your kind one to see corruption.

“You shall acquaint me with the path of life;

“Satisfying rejoicings are in Your presence;

“Pleasantness is at Your right hand.”

—Psalm 16:8-11


“As for me, with justice/righteousness done, I shall perceive Your face;

“I will be satisfied, when I awake to Your semblance.”

—Psalm 17:15


“Jehovah requited me according to my righteousness/justice;

“According to the purity of my hands He recompensed me.”

—Psalm 18:20


“Who shall ascend into the mountain of Jehovah,

“And who shall rise in His holy place?”

“The innocent of palms and pure of heart…

“He shall obtain blessing from Jehovah,

“And justice/righteousness from the God of his salvation.”

—Psalm 24:3, 4a, 5


“As for me, I shall walk in my integrity.

“Ransom me, and be gracious to me!”

—Psalm 26:11


“In You, O Jehovah, have I taken refuge;

“Do not let me be ashamed for the age;

“In Your justice/righteousness deliver me!

“Stretch out Your ear to me;

“Rescue me quickly, O Jehovah!”

“Into Your hand am I committing my spirit;

“You have ransomed me, O Jehovah, God of faithfulness.”

“Be gracious to me, O Jehovah, for distress has been mine….”

“Yet I, I trusted in You, O Jehovah;

“I said, My God are You;

“In Your hand are my seasons;

“Rescue me from the hand of my enemies

“And from those pursuing me.

“Do let Your face light up over Your servant;

“Save me in Your kindness.”

“Yet I, I had said in my consternation,

“I am severed from in front of Your eyes,

“Nevertheless, You heard the voice of my supplications

“In my imploring to You.

“Love Jehovah, all His kind ones;

“The faithful, Jehovah is preserving,

“Yet repaying with a surplus

“The one dealing with pride.”

Psalm 31:1-2b, 5, 9a, 14-16, 22-23


O Jehovah, how long shall You look on?

“Do restore my soul from their ruinations….”

“Judge me according to Your justice/righteousness,O Jehovah my God.”

—Psalm 35:17a-b, 24a


For Jehovah is loving right judgment,

And He shall not forsake His kind ones.

The iniquitous will be exterminated for the age,

And the seed of the vicious, it will be cut off.

The righteous/just, they shall tenant the land,

And they shall tabernacle on it for the future.

“The vicious is watching for the righteous/just one

“And is seeking to put him to death.

“Jehovah, He shall not forsake him to his hand,

“And He shall not let him be condemned when he is judged.

“Be expectant toward Jehovah, and keep His way,

“And He shall exalt you to tenant the land.”

—Psalm 37:28-29, 32-34


“Even the man bidding me peace, in whom I trusted,

“Who was eating my bread, has magnified his heel against me.

“Yet You, O Jehovah, be gracious to me, and raise me up….”

—Psalm 41:9-10a


“As for me, I am calling to God,

“And Jehovah, He is saving me…

“He ransoms my soul in peace from the attack against me,

“Though many have come to be against me.”

—Psalm 55:16, 18


“Be gracious to me, O God, for a mortal gasps after me….”

“All day long they are wresting my words;

“All their devisings are against me for evil.

“They are stirring up plots; they are lurking;

“They are keeping track of my heel prints,

“As though they expected to take my soul.

“Mete out to them according to their lawlessness;

“In anger bring down the peoples, O God.”

“In God I trust;

“I shall not fear;

“What can a human do to me?

“O God, I am under vows to You;

“I shall pay acclamation offerings to You.

“For You have rescued my soul from death…

“That I may walk before God in the light of the living.”

—Psalm 56:1a, 5-7, 11-13a, c


“In Your justice/righteousness rescue me and deliver me.

“Stretch out Your ear to me and save me.”

“My mouth, it shall recount Your justice/righteousness,

“The entire day, Your salvation….”

“Your justice O God, reaches unto the height,

“You Who have done great things;

“O God, Who is like You?

“You Who have made me see distresses, many and evil,

“You shall again revive me;

“And You shall again bring me up from the abyss of the earth.”

“You shall increase Your greatness,

“And You shall surround and comfort me.

“I too, I shall acclaim You for Your faithfulness….

“My lips shall be jubilant when I make melody to You,

“Even my soul, which You have ransomed.

“Moreover, my tongue shall soliloquize of Your justice/righteousness the entire day.

“For they will be ashamed; indeed those seeking evil to me will be abashed.”

—Psalm 71:2, 15, 19-22a, 23-24


“You say, When I take up the appointed time,

“I Myself shall judge with equity.”

“For no one from the sun’s coming forth or from the west,

“And no one from the wilderness can exalt a person;

“For it is God Who is judging;

“This one He is abasing, and this one He is exalting.”

“…The horns of the righteous/just shall be exalted.”

—Psalm 75:2, 6-7, 10b


“From the heavens have You announced adjudication;

“The earth, it feared and was quiet.

“When God rose for judgment,

“To save all the humbled of the earth.”

—Psalm 76:8-9


“Shall You Yourself not revive us again,

“That Your people may rejoice in You?

“Show us, O Jehovah, Your kindness,

“And grant us Your salvation.”

“Yes, His salvation is near to those fearing Him,

“That glory may tabernacle in our land,

“Kindness and Truth, they will encounter;

“Righteousness/justice and Peace, they will kiss.

“Truth shall sprout from the earth,

“And Justice/righteousness will gaze down from the heavens.

“Indeed Jehovah Himself shall give good….

“Justice/righteousness shall go before Him….”

—Psalm 85:6-7, 9-12a, 13a


“Is Your kindness recounted in the tomb,

“Your faithfulness in destruction?

“Are Your marvels known in darkness,

“And Your justice/righteousness in the land of oblivion?

“Why, O Jehovah, are You casting off my soul

“And concealing Your face from me?”

—Psalm 88:11-12


“I contracted a covenant with My chosen;

“I swore to David My servant:

“I shall establish your Seed for the age,

“And I will build your throne for generation after generation.”

“Justice/righteousness and right judgment are the basis of Your throne;

“Kindness and Truth stand before Your presence.”

“In Your Name shall they exult the entire day,

“And in Your justice/righteousness shall they be exalted.

“For You are the beauty of their strength,

“And by Your benevolence shall our horn be exalted.

“For our shield is of Jehovah,

“And our king is of the Holy One of Israel.

“Then You spoke in a vision to Your kind ones,

“And You said:  I have poised help on a Master;

“I have exalted one chosen from the people.

“I have found David My servant;

“With My holy oil have I anointed him,

“With whom My hand shall stand readied;

“Indeed My arm shall make him resolute.

“The enemy shall not astrict him,

“And the son of iniquity shall not humiliate him.

“I will pound down his foes before him,

“And I shall strike against those hating him.

“Yet My faithfulness and My kindness will be with him,

“And in My Name shall his horn be exalted.”

“He shall call out to Me, You are my Father,

“My God and the Rock of my salvation.

“Indeed, I shall make him the firstborn,

“The uppermost of the kings of the earth.

“For the age shall I keep My kindness upon him,

“And My covenant with him is faithful.

“I will establish his seed for the future,

“And his throne as the days of the heavens.”

“I shall not withdraw My kindness from him,

“And I shall not be false in My faithfulness.

“I shall not profane My covenant,

“And I shall not alter the utterance of My lips.

“Once for all have I sworn by My holiness;

“I shall assuredly not lie to David:

“His Seed shall continue for the age,

“And his throne as the sun in front of Me,

“Like the moon, it shall be established for the age,

“Faithful like that witness in the sky.”

—Psalm 89:3-4, 14, 16-24, 26-29, 33-37


“…With your eyes you shall look

“And see the repayment of the vicious.

“For You, O Jehovah, are my Refuge!

“Because you have made the Supreme your habitation,

“Evil shall not be your fate,

“And contagion, it shall not approach into your tent.

“For He shall enjoin His messengers concerning you,

“To keep you in all your ways.

“On their palms shall they lift you,

“Lest you should strike your foot against a stone.”

“Because he is attached to Me, I shall deliver him;

“I shall make him impregnable, for he knows My Name.

“He shall call on Me, and I shall answer him;

“I am with him in distress;

“I shall liberate him and glorify him.

“With length of days shall I satisfy him,

“And I shall show him My salvation.”

—Psalm 91:8-12, 14-16


“For Jehovah shall not abandon His people,

“And He shall not forsake His allotment.

“For judgment shall turn back to justice/righteousness,

“And all the upright of heart will follow after it.

“Who shall rise for me against evildoers?

“Who shall stand by for me against contrivers of lawlessness?

“Unless Jehovah were my Help,

“Soon my soul would tabernacle in stillness.

“If I say, My foot slips!

“Your kindness, O Jehovah, it is already bracing me.

“When my disquieting thoughts within me are many,

“Your consolations, they are heartening my soul.

“Could a throne of woes be made partner with You,

“One forming misery by its statute?

“They slash against the soul of the righteous/just,

“And they condemn innocent blood.

“But Jehovah shall be my Impregnable Retreat,

“And my God, the Rock of my refuge.

“He shall reverse their lawlessness upon them,

“And by their evil He shall efface them;

“Jehovah our God shall efface them.”

—Psalm 94:14-23


“Sing to Jehovah a new song,

“For He has done marvels;

“His right hand and His holy arm have brought His salvation.

“Jehovah has made known His salvation;

“To the eyes of the nations He has revealed His justice/righteousness.

“He has remembered His kindness and His faithfulness to the house of Israel;

“All the limits of the earth have seen the salvation of our God.”

“For He comes to judge the earth;

“He shall judge the habitance in justice/righteousness,

“And the peoples with equity.”

—Psalm 98:1-3, 9


“Acclaim Jehovah, for He is good,

“For His kindness is agelong.”

“Let them acclaim Jehovah for His kindness

“And His marvels to the sons of humanity.”

“Then they cried out to Jehovah in their distress:

“He saved them from their constraints;

“He brought them forth from darkness and the shadow of death,

“And He pulled away their bonds.”

“And they touched close unto the gates of death.

“Then they cried out to Jehovah in their distress:

“He saved them from their constraints;

“He sent forth His word and healed them,

“And He provided escape from their graves.”

—Psalm 107:1, 8, 13-14, 18b-20


“For Your kindness is towering above the heavens,

“And Your faithfulness unto the skies.

“Be exalted over the heavens, O God,

“And let Your glory be over all the earth.

“That Your loved ones may be liberated,

“Do save with Your right hand, and so answer me.

“God, He has spoken in His holiness:

“I shall ascend….”

—Psalm 108:4-7b


“Happy is the man who fears Jehovah;

“In His instructions he very much delights.

“His seed shall become masterful in the land;

“The generation of the upright, it shall be blessed.

“Wealth and riches are in his house,

“And his righteousness/justice is standing into the future.

“In the darkness he radiates as a light for the upright ones;

“He is gracious, compassionate and righteous/just.

“It is good when a man is gracious and obliging;

“He shall sustain his affairs with right judgment.

“Truly he shall not slip for the age;

“The righteous/just one shall become an agelong remembrance.

“He shall not fear an evil report;

“His heart is established, trusting in Jehovah.

“His heart is stalwart; he shall not fear,

“Since he shall see the fate of his foes.

“He disperses; he gives to the needy;

“His righteousness/justice is standing into the future;

“His horn shall be exalted in glory.”

—Psalm 112:1-9


“I love Him because Jehovah has heard

“My voice, my supplications.”

“The cables of death have enveloped me,

“And the constrictions of the unseen, they have converged upon me;

“I found distress and affliction.

“Then I called on the Name of Jehovah,

“Oh Jehovah, do make a way of escape for my soul!

“Gracious is Jehovah and just/righteous,

“And our God is compassionate.”

“Return to your rest, my soul,

“For Jehovah, He has dealt bountifully with you.

“Indeed, You have extricated my soul from death….

“I shall walk before Jehovah

“In the land of the living.

“I believe; wherefore I am speaking;

“I am very much humbled.”

“What can I restore to Jehovah

“For all His bountiful dealings toward me?

“I shall take up the cup of salvation

“And call on the Name of Jehovah.

“I shall pay my vows to Jehovah

“Right in front of all His people.

“Precious in the eyes of Jehovah

“Is the death of His kind ones.

“Oh Jehovah, seeing that I am Your servant,

“I am Your servant, son of Your maidservant,

“You have opened up my bonds;

“I shall sacrifice to You a sacrifice of acclamation

“And call on the Name of Jehovah,

“I shall pay my vows to Jehovah

“Right in front of all His people,

“In the courts of Jehovah’s House,

“In your midst, Jerusalem.

“Praise Jeh!”

—Psalm 116:1, 3-5, 7-10, 12-19


“I shall not die but shall live,

“And I shall recount the deeds of Jeh!

“Jeh has disciplined, yes, disciplined me,

“Yet He has not given me over to death.

“Open the gates of justice/righteousness to me;

“I shall enter through them and acclaim Jeh!

“This is the gate belonging to Jehovah;

“The righteous/just, they shall enter through it.

“I am acclaiming You, for You have answered me,

“And You became mine for salvation.

“The stone which the builders rejected,

“It came to be for the head of the corner.

“From Jehovah came this;

“It is marvelous in our eyes.”

—Psalm 118:17-23


“My soul clings to the soil;

“Revive me according to Your word.”

“My soul is racked with affliction;

“Raise me up according to Your word.”

“Avert my eyes from seeing futile things;

“Revive me in Your way.”

“Behold, I ardently desire Your precepts;

“Revive me in Your justice/righteousness.

“And let Your kindnesses come to me, O Jehovah,

“Your salvation according to Your promise.

“Then I shall have a word to answer the one reproaching me,

“For I trust in Your word.”

“This is my consolation in my humiliation,

“That Your promise revives me.”

“I have beseeched Your presence with all my heart;

“Be gracious to me according to Your promise.”

“I know, O Jehovah, that Your ordinances are just,

“And You have humbled me in faithfulness.

“Now may Your kindness become my comfort,

“According to Your promise to Your servant.

“May Your compassions come on me that I may live,

“For Your law is my delectation.

“May the arrogant be ashamed, for without cause have they distorted me….

“May those fearing You turn back to me,

“Those knowing Your testimonies.

“May my heart become flawless in Your statutes,

“That I may not be ashamed.

“My soul is exhausted looking for Your salvation;

“I have set my hope in Your word.

“My eyes are exhausted looking for Your promise,

“Asking, When shall You comfort me?”

“How long are the days of Your servant?

“When shall You bring judgment upon my persecutors?”

“All Your instructions are faithful,

“But they persecute me without cause; O help me!

“Soon they would finish me off from the earth,

“Yet I myself have not forsaken Your precepts.

“Revive me according to Your kindness,

“And I will keep the testimony of Your mouth.”

“Unless Your law had been my delectation,

“Then I would have perished in my humiliation.

“For the age I shall not forget Your precepts,

“For by them have You revived me.

“I am Yours; save me!

“For I have sought after Your precepts.

“The vicious stretch out toward me to destroy me,

“But I gain understanding of Your testimonies.”

“I am humbled utterly;

“O Jehovah, revive me according to Your word.”

“Support me according to Your promise that I may live,

“And let me not be put to shame because of my hopefulness.

“Brace me that I may be saved,

“And I will continually heed Your statutes.”

“My eyes, they are exhausted, looking for Your salvation

“And for Your just/righteous promise.

“Deal with Your servant according to Your kindness,

“And teach me Your statutes.”

“It is the season for Jehovah to act;

“They annul Your law.”

“Ransom me from human extortion,

“And I will keep Your precepts.”

“Your testimonies are agelong justice/righteousness;

“Give me understanding that I may live.”

“Do hear my voice according to Your kindness;

“O Jehovah, according to Your right judgment, revive me.

“Those persecuting me draw near with evil scheme….”

“See my humiliation, and liberate me,

“For I have not forgotten Your law.

“Do contend my cause and redeem me;

“Revive me with Your promise.”

“Your compassions are many, O Jehovah;

“Revive me according to Your ordinances.”

“See how I love Your precepts;

“O Jehovah, according to Your kindness revive me.”

“May my supplication come before You;

“According to Your promise rescue me.”

“May my soul live and praise You,

“And may Your ordinance help me.”

—Psalm 119:25, 28, 37, 40-42, 50, 58, 75-78a, 79-82, 84, 86-88, 92-95,

107, 116-117, 123-124, 126, 134, 144, 149-150a, 153-154, 156, 159, 170, 175


“If I walk within distress, You revive me;

“You send Your hand upon the anger of my enemies,

“And You save me with Your right hand.

“Jehovah, He shall perfect in my future;

“O Jehovah, Your kindness is for the age.

“The works of Your hands, O do not relax!”

—Psalm 138:7-8


“For Your Name’s sake, O Jehovah, may You revive me;

“In Your justice/righteousness, may You bring my soul forth from distress.”

—Psalm 143:11

Compiled by Ronald L. Roper, December 2009/January 2010

Adapted and altered from the Concordant Version of the Old Testament

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