Inner Healing, Psychotherapy, Counseling

ALTER, Margaret G. (1937-)

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PAYNE, Leanne (1932-2015)

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****__________.  “Incarnational Reality: The Key to Carrying the Cross,” in ibid., pp. 197-229.  {33p.}

SMITH, Edward M. (1953-)

****__________.  Healing Life’s Hurts through Theophostic Prayer: Let the Light of Christ Set You Free from Lifelong Fears, Shame, False Guilt, Anxiety and Emotional Pain.  [Second edition.]  Campbellsville, KY: New Creation Publishing, 2005.  {online version, 271p.}  (Originally co-published by Servant Publications, Ann Arbor, MI and New Creation Publishing, 2002.) (last accessed 5/01/19)

SMITH, Edward M. (1953-) and Joshua A. SMITH (-)

****__________.  Effortless Forgiveness.  Campbellsville, KY: New Creation Publishing / CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018.  {204p.}  Online: (last accessed 5/01/19)


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