The Gracious Sea of God’s Forgetfulness

The New Testament is “the power of God for salvation,” and it contains the results of the resurrected Lord’s having “opened up the Scriptures” to his disciples and having “opened up their minds” to the Scriptures. It is the repository of the apostles’ testimony concerning God’s chosen Messiah, including the account of God’s having exalted him via crucifixion-cum-resurrection, which is the divinely appointed means whereby the Father has deigned to “draw all humanity towardHimself. This is God’s vehicle for “election”; all who believe it get chosen! [7/25/09]

The apostle Peter writes in his second epistle to “those who are chancing-upon (-λαχ-) an equally precious faith[fullness] in (εν) [the] righteousness of our God and [of the] savior, Jesus Messiah: May graciousness and peace be multiplied to you in the recognition of God and of Jesus Messiah our Lord” (2 Peter 1:1-2). Peter could have hardly found a less “sovereign” term than “chance-upon” to designate their good “luck” (-λαχ-) in having come across the Truth about the righteous/just covenantal faithfulness of God and of the Savior, Messiah Jesus the risen Lord! But it’s certainly no “accident” that what follows from this premial justice is the generous “multiplication” of “graciousness and peace” to them, because this is exactly what we have come to expect from the Father’s just award, in covenantal troth, to His cherished Son for all his faithful obedience to Him through every trial of faith. But please carefully note how free and gratuitous is this boon in relation to its objects! It leaves them both truly free and, by its own inherent virtue, fully…sufficiently empowered (v 3-4) to apprehend God’s “precious and greatest promises” of the New Covenant such that they can become “participants of the divine nature” (v 4). WOW!

The MULTIPLICATION of the fruits of God’s rewarding justice to Jesus is the calculus of the ‘CrossurrectionSO THAT THIS SALVATION COULD BECOME GREAT ENOUGH TO SAVE THE WHOLE SIN-BLASTED WORLD! [7/25/09]

The whole uniqueness of the seemingly solid system of Calvinism is a house of cards (the 5 Points, plus further ramifications), built on a foundation of sand (Penal Satisfaction). The grand truth of God’s premial justice sweeps the entirety into the raging billows of God’s graciousness and the deep blue sea of GOD’S FORGETFULNESS! Praise God! That’s good enough for me! [7/26/09]


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