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We human beings have to understand the meaning and definition of “sacrificeby reading the story starting from Jesus backwards! Yet God Himself could hear the blood/soul of His faithful, obedient, sinless witness, Jesus, calling out for His saving justification for millennia beforehand. And on account of that voice from the Cross, God passed over the sins of earlier generations of believing sinners (Romans 3:26). [5/10/06]

In this amazing and divine way, the Fatherly protective righteousness of God was displayed both before and after Messiah’s bloodshed on the very same grounds of that self-sacrifice, and ratified irreversibly and persuasively by his resurrection. [10/27/07]

What “satisfied” the Father in what happened at the Cross of His Son is what did not happen there that might have happened—Jesus DID NOT “SATISFY” HIS WRATH UPON HIS ENEMIES! HE DID NOT “SATISFY” HIS AVENGING JUSTICE AGAINST SINNERS, AGAINST THE VICIOUS FOES THAT HIS UPRIGHT CAREER HAD MADE FOR HIM! [5/10/06] For he came to save, not to damn. [5/20/08]

The so-called “penal satisfaction” theory of the Atonement more likely qualifies as a human projection onto God of our own need for “satisfaction” (such as it is!) of our own all-too-familiar and all-too-fallible “sense of justice”…which is a stark revelation of precisely how totally clueless we (and our leading Protestant theologians) have been for nearly half a millennium concerning what the Proclamation of God’s Kingdom is really about, especially its actuating core—its energizing heart, its leveraging fulcrum.

But once we grasp what really “satisfied” God about the Cross, we will never see things the same again. [5/10/06]


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