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The Son’s Doing of God’s Desire Brought Satisfaction, by Exhibiting God’s Patience, Kindness, Mercy, and Longsuffering

The Book of Hebrews, chapter 10 declares:

Further up [in the text], when saying that ‘sacrifice and approach-present and ascent approaches and those concerning sin You do not desire, neither do You get satisfaction from them’ (which are being offered according to Law), then He has declared, ‘Lo!  I am arriving to do Your desire, O God!’  He is despatching the first that he should be establishing the second, in which desire we are hallowed through the approach-present of the body of Jesus Messiah once-for-all-time.”  (v 8-10).

Thus the Old Testament sacrifices did not provide satisfaction to God; only the Son’s doing of God’s desire in both obedient life and obedient death) SATISFIED GOD! [5/05/06]

On the Cross, God’s Son, in full accord with His Father’s desire sacrificed his own right to execute wrath against those who were destroying him!  He sacrificed vengeance and even self-defense! How, then, can this possibly be an exhibition of “God’s wrath (or vengeance) against/upon sin”?  Rather, it is a superlative exhibition of the Son’s patience, kindness, mercy, and longsuffering toward his tormentors, “Not intending any to get destroyed(2 Pet. 3:9),but all to make room for repentance.  [5/05/06]


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