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Seeing the Resurrectionary Gospel of Restorative Justice via the “Magic Eye”

“Seeing” this resurrectionary Gospel of restorative justice in the pages of Scripture may be likened to staring or gazing at a so-called “Magic-Eye” picture book.  Once our two eyes lock onto the secret, hidden image, the whole picture instantly looks three dimensional–no longer just a bewildering array of little colored shapes scattered in some sort of definite pattern, yet not discernible as something recognizably and identifiably meaningful or significant.  [5/04/06]

It is clear from the Adversary’s temptation of Jesus that Satan certainly would have been “satisfied” with Messiah’s worship and with his using his messianic prerogatives on his own behalf to meet his fleshly needs.  But Jesus refuses these temptations on the basis of what he knew of his Father’s desire from Scripture.  Thus, Jesus moved ineluctably toward his own death instead, which was Satan’s fancied “second best” ransom price.  He would have much preferred Messiah’s voluntary humiliation via obeisance.  But failing that, his humiliation by death was “satisfactory.”  [5/04/06]  Satan, after all, was totally clueless what would happen next in God’s judicial procedure to execute justice!  (2 Cor. 2)  [5/26/08]

Jesus did not know all that his Father knew.  This meant that for Jesus–not only for us, his people–he had to walk by faith, in faithfulness to God’s promises!  He, too, did not know the future perfectly and had not seen the New Creation promised him by God.  He, too, had to learn obedience to God from what abuse and chastising (both…) came his way in the will of God.  That’s why his career of faithfulness, without sin or flaw, was so extremely valuable to God and made Jesus worthy of such an extraordinary recompense–he had become willingly blind-sided by assuming our flesh, the form of Satan’s death-dread slaves.  [5/04/06]


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