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The Spirit of Messiah–SURRENDERED & POURED OUT

When Messiah Jesus on the cross “surrenders the Spirit” (John 19:30), “lets out the Spirit” (Matt. 27:50), “expires” (Mk. 15:39) or “[commits his] Spiritinto his Father’s hands (Lk. 23:46), he was paying, in the memorable words of Abraham Lincoln, his “last full measure of devotion”  back to God. The fruit of this final act of obedient faithfulness to the deepest desire of God is that God could now rightfully and overwhelmingly glorify him and hence “give(John 7:39, 20:22) orpour out(Acts 2:1-4, 17-18) the “gratuity (Acts 2:38) andpromise of the Father(Acts 2:33, 39): WHOLESOME SPIRIT.

This is the substance of the superfluity of graciousness that God bestowed on Jesus for us in the favors (charisma) and gifts (dorea) that are the spoils (dikaioma) which his triumph on the cross (by not avenging himself) won for us!

Thus are God—Father, Son, and Wholesome Spirit—present and accounted for…and operative in the central event of human history, the “CROSSURRECTION” of Jesus, the Messiah and Master of all. [5/03/06; 7/20/06]

God used the official Jewish and Roman judicial proceedings against His chosen and highly approved Messiah in order to make starkly clear the premeditated malignancy of this jew-gentile miscarriage of justice, and in order to provide a judicial, official, public court as an unmistakable foil and backdrop for His own coming justice at The Tomb: HIS RIGHTFUL RESURGENCE TO AGELONG LIFE AND BODILY IMMORTALITY AS THE FIRSTFRUITS OF GOD’S NEW CREATION TO BE POSSESSED BY ALL—BOTH JEWS AND GENTILES—WHO GET IMMERSED INTO IT BY MERE STEADY FAITH.

Moreover, if a whole new, fresh future awaits all who buy into this estate rightfully bequeathed to Jesus in exchange (with incomprehensible overpayment) for his enduring the sin of the cross, then Moses’ Law is radically relativized in contrast to the “way of salvation” that Judaism had made of it. [5/03/06] (Compare Wolfhart Pannenberg’s treatment of the Mosaic Law. [7/20/06])

Jesus’ serve from Calvary put the ball in God’s court and he waited for God’s own justice to rescue him; not to be outdone, God returned the serve with a “vengeance”! This primal play between the Father and the Son reveals the magnification factor underlying the superstructure of the created universe. The primal covenantal relationship behind everything that is—and, with amplification, shall be—is revealed in Words in the ancient covenant between Jehovah and Israel. Both blessings and curses reveal the principle of sowing and reaping whereby the fruit of actions far outstrips the investment of labor. This covenant also stipulates manifold compensation for injustices—same deal. Thus when Messiah Jesus was sacrificed by his own people, the magnification factor came into play.

God himself was being condemned at the Cross, i.e., the Father’s directives, which His Son had faithfully obeyed to the letter Spirit! So the Father himself had to justify Himself as well as His Son in one fell swoop! That’s what Messiah’s Resurrection to Immortality and Royal Exaltation was all about. [5/03/06]


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